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Beryllium Facts - Periodic Table of the Elements

Beryllium Facts - Periodic Table of the Elements Beryllium Nuclear Number: 4 Image: Be Nuclear Weight: 9.012182(3)Reference: IUPAC 2009 Revelation: 1798, Louis-Nicholas Vauquelin (France) Electron Configuration: [He]2s2 Different Names: Glucinium or Glucinum Word Origin: Greek: beryllos, beryl; Greek: glykys, sweet (note that beryllium is poisonous) Properties: Beryllium has a dissolving purpose of 1287/ - 5Â °C, breaking point of 2970Â °C, explicit gravity of 1.848 (20Â °C), and valence of 2. The metal is steel-dark in shading, light, with one of the most noteworthy liquefying purposes of the light metals. Its modulus of flexibility is a third higher than that of steel. Beryllium has high warm conductivity, is nonmagnetic, and opposes assault by concentrated nitric corrosive. Beryllium opposes oxidation in air at customary temperatures. The metal has a high porousness to x-radiation. When assaulted by alpha particles, it yields neutrons in the proportion of around 30 million neutrons for every million alpha particles. Beryllium and its mixes are poisonous and ought not be tasted to check the metals pleasantness. Utilizations: Precious types of beryl incorporate sea green/blue, morganite, and emerald. Beryllium is utilized as an alloying specialist in creating beryllium copper, which is utilized for springs, electrical contacts, nonsparking apparatuses, and spot-welding anodes. It is utilized in numerous auxiliary parts of the space transport and other aviation make. Beryllium foil is utilized in x-beam lithography for making coordinated circuits. It is utilized as a reflector or mediator in atomic responses. Beryllium is utilized in gyrators and PC parts. The oxide has a high liquefying point and is utilized in earthenware production and atomic applications. Sources: Beryllium is found in around 30 mineral species, including beryl (3BeO Al2O3Â ·6SiO2), bertrandite (4BeOÂ ·2SiO2Â ·H2O), chrysoberyl, and phenacite. The metal might be set up by lessening beryllium fluoride with magnesium metal. Component Classification: Alkaline-earth Metal Isotopes: Beryllium has ten known isotopes, going from Be-5 to Be-14. Be-9 is the main stable isotope.Density (g/cc): 1.848 Explicit Gravity (at 20 Â °C): 1.848 Appearance: hard, fragile, steel-dark metal Dissolving Point: 1287 Â °C Breaking point: 2471 Â °C Nuclear Radius (pm): 112 Nuclear Volume (cc/mol): 5.0 Covalent Radius (pm): 90 Ionic Radius: 35 (2e) Explicit Heat (20Â °C J/g mol): 1.824 Combination Heat (kJ/mol): 12.21 Vanishing Heat (kJ/mol): 309 Debye Temperature (K): 1000.00 Pauling Negativity Number: 1.57 First Ionizing Energy (kJ/mol): 898.8 Oxidation States: 2 Cross section Structure:Hexagonal Cross section Constant (Ã… ): 2.290 Cross section C/A Ratio: 1.567 CAS Registry Number: 7440-41-7 Beryllium Trivia Beryllium was initially named glyceynum because of the sweet taste of beryllium salts. (glykis is Greek for sweet). The name was changed to beryllium to evade disarray with other sweet tasting components and a sort of plants called glucine. Beryllium turned into the official name of the component in 1957.James Chadwick barraged beryllium with alpha particles and watched a subatomic molecule with no electrical charge, prompting the disclosure of the neutron.Pure beryllium was disengaged in 1828 by two distinct scientists autonomously: German physicist Friederich Wã ¶hler and French scientific expert Antoine Bussy.WÃ ¶hler was the scientist who previously proposed the name beryllium for the new component. Source Los Alamos National Laboratory (2001), Crescent Chemical Company (2001), Langes Handbook of Chemistry (1952), CRC Handbook of Chemistry Physics (eighteenth Ed.), CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (89th Ed.)

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Ideas of Yet Unknown Origin essays

Thoughts of Yet Unknown Origin papers A Critical Analysis of David Humes Of the Origin of Ideas The second kind of theory, rehearsed by Aristotle and Locke, among others, is complex and precise. It considers the person as a reasoner instead of practitioner. Its issue is transcendentalism, which yields the most broad first standards of things. Shockingly, it isn't well known for a few reasons. One is that the profound thought it requires dives individuals into despairing. Hume himself was harrowed with this downturn, which he discovered he could just ease by associating with his companions. Another is misconception. Recondite way of thinking is viewed as a spread for numbness or odd notion. The arrangement is to keep the soul of precision yet make it simple, not obscure. Such was Hume's objective. David Hume, apparently striking the iron block between the plummet of the well known philosophical quest for the day and the introduction of Newtonian Science, was a remarkable scholar not due to his accomplishments, but since of his mode. He was a devoted history specialist especially to Great Britain, and incorporating different volumes, he kept up an officers conflict, however amusingly kicked the bucket the time of 1776. His nearest pundits called him nonsensical, a man of positivism, and most noticeably terrible, a nonbeliever, which was close to abominable in his days, yet duty to his quest for observational certainties have come to love his name since. Contrasted with the splendid Roger Bacon in view of his comparable utilization of the English language as his primary utility, and of indistinguishable preferences from Locke and Berkeley in his movement towards mapping out humanitys mental topography, Hume came to restrict Plato and Descartes inferring that tactile discernments were the most sure of our encounters. Inside one of David Humes most prominent works, An Enquiry Concerning the Human Understanding, in Section II: Of the Origin of Ideas, he communicates an increasingly succinct and streamlined form of John... <!

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interest rates news COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

interest rates news COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Interest rates has been on the minds of many students thinking about taking out a loan Congress recently passed a rare bipartisan bill that set interest rates on federal student loans, The Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013.   While most of the discussion and media attention centered on loans for undergraduates, there is good news for SIPA students.   For all loans first disbursed between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, the interest rate for the Unsubsidized Federal Direct Student Loan has been lowered from 6.8% to 5.41%.   For Graduate PLUS loans, the rate has been reduced from 7.9% to 6.41%.   These rates will be fixed for the life of the loan; the rates on any loans borrowed previously were not changed. Interest rates will be adjusted annually.   As rates are expected to climb in the coming years, loans for 2014/15 beyond could be higher.   The bill signed by President Obama, in fact, sets caps for rates higher than what they have been; 9.5% and 10.5% respectively. If you have any questions, please contact the SIPA Financial Aid Office at or 212-854-6216.

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Rabbit Proof Fence Comparison Between Movie and Book

Rabbit Proof Fence has been published both as a book and as a movie. Being a reader or a viewer entirely changes our point of view on the story. As a reader, we get descriptive insight on the situations and emotions of the characters. We are then able to re-create these visually using our imagination and have endless freedom doing so. As a viewer, our creativity is somewhat restricted. We do not imagine the characters’ physical appearance, the locations or the overall situations in the same way as in a book. These elements are already given to us. Throughout this essay I will be exploring how the music and the filming creates a contrast between reading the book with elaborate descriptions. Emotions are felt entirely differently from†¦show more content†¦The tracker is on his horse, also making his way down the river, looking for them. Because of the way this scene is filmed, it is hard to realise the distance and amount of time separating them. This is purposely done in order to create tension in the viewer and put an emphasis on the consequences of the girls being caught. We do not know how far they are from each other because of the scenery being almost identical. He is following their footsteps through the river surrounded by the forest, with all the trees and foliage being practically the same. The notion of time and space is utterly different from in the book. In the book we do not get an impression of him being so close. In the book, we do not have this â€Å"back and forth† description of the girls and the tracker, and their progress. We simply have an account of the difficulties of the girls getting through the â€Å"flooded river area† ( 82), that is much less dramatic than in the movie. EvenShow MoreRelatedLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 PagesDowden This book Logical Reasoning by Bradley H. Dowden is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. That is, you are free to share, copy, distribute, store, and transmit all or any part of the work under the following conditions: (1) Attribution You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author, namely by citing his name, the book title, and the relevant page numbers (but not in any way that suggests that the book Logical ReasoningRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 PagesComputer, Inc. Used herein under license. Library of Congress Control Number: 2006933904 Student Edition: ISBN-13: 978-0-495-11873-2 ISBN-10: 0-495-11873-7 ââ€"   To my nephews, Jesse and Luke Smidt, who bet I wouldn’t put their names in this book. R. P. ââ€"   To my wife, Sally, and my daughter, Anna C. O. ââ€"   To Carol, Allie, and Teri. J. D. ââ€"   About the Authors puter Teacher of the Year award in 1988 and received the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement in mathematics in 1999Read MoreBrand Building Blocks96400 Words   |  386 Pagesoperate, Coke is a corporate brand. This complexity makes building and managing brands difficult. In addition to knowing its identity, each brand needs to understand its role in each context in which it is involved. Further, the relationships between brands (and subbrands) must be clarified both strategically and with respect to customer perceptions. Why is this brand complexity emerging? The market fragmentation and brand proliferation mentioned above have occurred because a new market or

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Kudler Accounting System Paper Free Essays

Kudler Accounting System Paper Jon Lazar BSA/310 January 23, 2012 Jaclyn Krause Kudler Accounting System Paper These days it is especially important to pay attention to details when it comes to deciding if your accounting system is providing the kind of information that may be required of you to produce. I think legal requirements and government regulations are becoming more demanding as to what they expect to see if someone such as the I. R. We will write a custom essay sample on Kudler Accounting System Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now S. were to show up and ask for an audit. I would like to talk a little about a few of the key features, core technology, benefits, and costs of installing and maintaining an efficient accounting system and some of the benefits it would be to your company, especially in areas where details are crucial. Like the existing accounting system that you have all probably gotten used to here at Kudler, a new accounting system would be set up the same way; by modules. Each module would be more comprehensive and attentive to details that have been apparently overlooked by the present system. In the way of features, I could say that it is the most important overall feature a new system could offer this company. New technology has provided for faster, more detailed and organized data auditing and reporting. This is essential in today’s business world to keep accurate, itemized data entries in order to satisfy government business regulations such as standards set by the I. R. S. Detailed information is especially critical for a company like Kudler, whose business transactions and data entry are performed by a single person. From an internal control standpoint, this isn’t desirable. Having only one person, or even a few people doing all the accounting that has to be done in a lot of different areas, opens the door for fraud and embezzlement. Companies that employ more people assigned functions can structure tasks in such a way that those done by the same person don’t pose a control threat. Realizing that for smaller companies, a lot of people in the accounting department may not be practical, and/or cost effective, systems have been developed for use with fewer people staffing them and still maintaining security. The internal control structure that can be installed in a new accounting system will help eliminate security risks through mechanics and procedures rather than expensive people (â€Å"Accounting – Basic Accounting Components of the Accounting System†,  2003). There are several top rated Core Accounting programs that would fulfill the needs of your accounting department. Weak areas and areas of concern with the existing system include inventory and ordering control, and the way employees punch in and out for work. Presently, there is no systematic way of ordering supplies other than when a store runs low, an order is placed to share between the three stores. If one of the stores should experience a slow period, overstocking could very well become a problem, especially when freshness of their products is one of Kudler’s trademarks. An inventory control feature within the core program can automatically analyze, predict supply needs for a set delivery date, and actually place the order for each individual store saving lots of time and expense. The process in which employees punch in and out of work and the process it goes through just to get to the payment agency seems very time consuming for Kudler. A payroll processing feature of a new accounting system would record data such as name, date, time, employee number, etc. from a card that an employee would swipe upon signing in or out, process the employee’s personal financial information and then send that information to a printing station to print out the physical checks or send that information to the employee’s bank for direct deposit. Kudler needs a system that is up to date with speed, and technology to be able to produce reliable up to date, detailed account of all transactions made in the form of itemized and organized reports. If it is the intention for Kudler Fine Foods to grow, it must have a system that can grow with it. I do not believe Exel spreadsheets with its time consuming manual entries will be able to keep up with the growth of the company. Replacing the XLX with a SQL database will give the company connect-ability to send and receive data updating reports and balancing finances all in real time. The total cost would include hardware and software upgrades to the main servers as well as each POS at each store. The cost will include the time it takes to install, program, and test the new system. The cost will also include a basic training program and online support along with materials warrantees and our guarantee of customer satisfaction in both product and service. In closing I can only say that the benefits of a new accounting system would surely in the long run outweigh the modest cost of installing a new system. In business, time is money so saving time is saving money, and in this day and age where attention is given to detail, and details can either cost you money or save you money, there is only one logical choice. References: Accounting – Basic Accounting Components of the Accounting System. (2003). Retrieved from http://www. businesstown. com/accounting/basic-components. asp How to cite Kudler Accounting System Paper, Papers

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Manfred monologue from the play by Lord Byron Essay Paper Example For Students

Manfred monologue from the play by Lord Byron Essay Paper A monologue from the play by Lord Byron NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from Lord Byron: Six Plays. Lord Byron. Los Angeles: Black Box Press, 2007. MANFRED: From my youth upwards My Spirit walked not with the souls of men, Nor looked upon the earth with human eyes; The thirst of their ambition was not mine, The aim of their existence was not mine; My joys—my griefs—my passions—and my powers, Made me a stranger; though I wore the form, I had no sympathy with breathing flesh, Nor midst the Creatures of Clay that girded me Was there but One who—but of her anon. I said with men, and with the thoughts of men, I held but slight communion; but instead, My joy was in the wilderness—to breathe The difficult air of the iced mountain\s top, Where the birds dare not build—nor insect\s wing Flit o\er the herbless granite; or to plunge Into the torrent, and to roll along On the swift whirl of the new-breaking wave Of river-stream, or Ocean, in their flow. In these my early strength exulted; or To follow through the night the moving moon, The stars and their development; or catch The dazzling lightnings till my eyes grew dim; Or to look, list\ning, on the scattered leaves, While Autumn winds were at their evening song. These were my pastimes, and to be alone; For if the beings, of whom I was one— Hating to be so—crossed me in my path, I felt myself degraded back to them, And was all clay again. And then I dived, In my lone wanderings, to the caves of Death, Searching its cause in its effect; and drew From withered bones, and skulls, and heaped up dust Conclusions most forbidden. Then I passed— The nights of years in sciences untaught, Save in the old-time; and with time and toil, And terrible ordeal, and such penance As in itself hath power upon the air, And spirits that do compass air and earth, Space, and the peopled Infinite, I made Mine eyes familiar with Eternity, Such as, before me, did the Magi, and He who from out their fountain-dwellings raised Eros and Anteros, at Gadara, As I do thee;—and with my knowledge grew The thirst of knowledge, and the power and joy Of this most bright intelligence, until—— Oh! I but thus prolonged my words, Boasting these idle attributes, because As I approach the core of my heart\s grief— But—to my task. I have not named to thee Father or mother, mistress, friend, or being, With whom I wore the chain of human ties; If I had such, they seemed not such to me— Yet there was One—— She was like me in lineaments—her eyes— Her hair—her features—all, to the very tone Even of her voice, they said were like to mine; But softened all, and tempered into beauty: She had the same lone thoughts and wanderings, The quest of hidden knowledge, and a mind To comprehend the Universe: nor these Alone, but with them gentler powers than mine, Pity, and smiles, and tears—which I had not; And tenderness—but that I had for her; Humility—and that I never had. Her faults were mine—her virtues were her own— I loved her, and destroyed her! Not with my hand, but heart, which broke her heart; It gazed on mine, and withered. I have shed Blood, but not hers—and yet her blood was shed; I saw—and could not stanch it.